ARCHIBUS Foundation at the EFMC Wellness Zone

This week the ARCHIBUS Foundation features at the Wellness Zone in EFMC2018 in Sofia. We will be talking to the many delegates about our community development and our educational programs. In addition, we are concentrating on the people in our industry.

The European Facilities Management Conference (EFMC) is in its twenty-sixth year. The conference brings together the worlds of Education, Research, Practitioners, Service Providers and FM Associations. The conference is the flagship for EuroFM, the umbrella organization for all those stakeholders. What is more, their reach is increasingly global. The current initiative to appoint Ambassadors will make sure that FM knowledge is shared on a global basis. What’s more, the will be looking to meet the challenges facing the industry now and in the future.

There has always been a lot of synergy between the viewpoints of EuroFM and the ARCHIBUS Foundation, Therefore there has been a successful collaboration between the two brands for many years. A people-centric outlook has been at the core of this relationship. Too often Facilities Management is about pure cost saving and efficiency, and sometimes at the expense of our people.


We believe that there is a shared Mindset in FM that joins us all together. For the ARCHIBUS Foundation, this has resulted in two initiatives. The first is the LOOF Community Portal. This initiative will bring people together to share experiences and make visible opportunities and candidates for all sorts of activities. We will describe this in much more detail in an upcoming blog post.


The second is our involvement in the Wellness Zone at EFMC. It has taken some time for the “penny to drop” that a healthy and happy workforce is at the heart of a successful organization. There are many facets of this topic. The working environment is an obvious factor in Wellness but the life-work balance, diet, and exercise also play a huge part. Companies are also offering Wellness Centers in their buildings to allow their people to take advantage of advice and information. In addition, they may offer a series of programs and interventions such as massage, stress tests, and other initiatives. All these offer the opportunity to improve lifestyle and show the commitment of the organization to their people.

We are joined by in the Wellness Zone by, They are a Bulgarian company offering Wellness program information, massage and advice to delegates. What’s more, this is also in aid of a local center for people with physical and mental health challenges.

If your attending EFMC2018 this week please come and visit us at the Wellness Zone. Alternatively, if you want more information regarding such initiatives, and the ARCHIBUS Foundation the please contact us.

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