ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA Events 2018

Once again ARCHIBUS Nexus is nearly upon us. It is the first of several key events in the calendar for The ARCHIBUS Foundation in 2018. The annual international conference features a variety of events, keynote speakers, training sessions and workshops. Furthermore, it represents a great opportunity for members of our community to network and share valuable experiences.

For the first time The ARCHIBUS Foundation will be represented formally at one of our events. We will have a stand at the Nexus Expo and also act as a focus for some of the student initiatives that ae part of the conference. If you are attending Nexus please come and visit our booth on the third floor atrium at the Marriott Copley Place.

Later this year ARCHIBUS and The ARCHIBUS Foundation will feature in two further prominent international events.

World Workplace Europe

The first is World Workplace Europe, which will take place in Barcelona from 15th to 17th May. ARCHIBUS, Inc. in EMEA are a sponsor of this event and The ARCHIBUS Foundation will also be represented. ARCHIBUS President, John McGee, will be a key speaker at the event and the ARCHIBUS brand will be well presented throughout. World Workplace Europe is one of several events that act as a focus for FM professionals and technologists alike. What’s more this has been given a greater focus through the involvement of both IFMA and RICS as owners of the event.

European Facility Management Conference


Another high profile event is EFMC (the European Facility Management Conference), which will take place this year in Sofia from 5th to 8th June. This is the largest of the FM events in Europe and it is in its 26th year. The ARCHIBUS Foundation will be prominent on two fronts. The introduction of the LOOF portal and the sponsorship of a new featured area, The Wellness Space, are new initiatives.

Both these initiatives are well aligned with the purpose of our Foundation. The LOOF portal is a project funded by EuroFM and The ARCHIBUs Foundation. Its purpose is to create a community portal where organisations offering opportunities for internships, research posts and other positions can be joined with the candidates looking for such options. We know that there is a skills shortage in our industry, and we hope that LOOF will go some way to alleviating the problem, increasing the visibility of opportunities and candidates across the region.

EFMC Wellness Space

The EFMC Wellness Space speaks to a hot topic with our industry and others. Wellbeing in the workplace is no longer a matter of keeping people safe. The impact of the working environment on the health of employees is now a huge topic. Some companies already offer wellbeing kiosks as part of their Health and Safety programs.  Furthermore the promotion of health and wellbeing is now seen as an integral part of HR policy in many organisations. They are focussing on various aspects from reduction in absenteeism to increased productivity. In a nutshell, a happy heathy workforce is good for any organisation and for the individual stakeholders.

So The ARCHIBUS Foundation is very happy to be the sponsor of the Wellness Space at EFMC. In this area, delegates will receive advice on nutrition, food and lifestyle .In additional the space will offer head and back massages as well as recommendations about body postures and yoga exercises.

So with Nexus and other events in the pipeline it promises to be an exciting year. If you are looking to attend these events or others then we look forward to meeting you. If you have any suggestions for our involvement in upcoming events then please contact us.

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