Who are we?

The ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA is an organization set up by ARCHIBUS, Inc. They are the authors of ARCHIBUS software. We are here to represent the federated ecosystem. This comprises ARCHIBUS users, students, and business partners. We operate throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Our community believes that technology can help solve some of the urgent problems within our built environments. We believe also, that technology can help organizations and their individual members realize their potential. Whilst developing environmental and economic sustainability.

What do we do?

The Foundation will work with all members of the ARCHIBUS Federated Ecosystem, to promote academic programs in institutions of higher and further education. Furthermore, this is achieved through the provision of education software grants for professional development.

An important focus is our work with business partners and client organizations to develop excellence in governance, quality, and standards common to all members of the community.

The ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA seeks partnerships with like-minded and forward-thinking individuals and organizations. Especially partners who have a common interest in promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental education for communities.


ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA law_6-compressor“We look forward to working with all our current and future stakeholders in creating a more sustainable built environment thanks to ARCHIBUS technology that will build a better future for generations to come.
This has been our guiding principle at ARCHIBUS for over 35 years and we hope to continue that focus for years to come.”

Wise Cho   •  ARCHIBUS CEO