ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 is underway with ARCHIBUS Connect

Our international event for Business Partners, ARCHIBUS Connect, opened our Nexus conference this weekend.

ARCHIBUS Connect – A Global Event

Connect offers our partners and opportunity to network with their peers and colleagues. The shared experience is a key factor in developing methods of working together. Real Estate and Facilities Management are global disciplines. Connect also brings together partners from all over the world; from many countries and cultures.

Advances in Technology

Prominent in all the ARCHIBUS Connect sessions are the topics of technical advances and the pace of change. Our whole Eco-system needs to be aware of technology trends. Furthermore, we all need to be aware of how we can take advantage of technologies to help the members of our community. Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) are already having a big impact in our industry. Many ARCHIBIS users are taking advantage of space sensor technology to monitor space utilisation, or to monitor energy usage. At the same time, others are using cloud deployments to reduce implementation time and cost.

Subject Matter Expertise

Industry trends were also prominent in the sessions. Having the technology ready is one thing, but demonstrating the necessary subject matter expertise is a crucial part of providing the correct solution in the Eco-system. Sessions covered new challenges like accounting standards that will be applied to assets when they are leased. There was huge interest in new implementations of our Strategic Financial Analysis application. Of particular interest was the development of an Integrated Data Strategy to match the building life cycle.

Centres of Excellence

Underpinning this focus on subject matter User participation will start today with our four Centres of Excellence focussing on:
• Education
• Healthcare
• Public Sector
• Corporate Real Estate and Facilities
The trends, ideas, and topics generated here by the Eco-system will run through the whole of ARCHIBUS Nexus.

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