ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 Conference Sessions – Seeing the Big Picture

“What we do with the technology is more important than the technology itself”*

ARCHIBUS Nexus conference sessions give users the opportunity to showcase their successes and challenges alike. Organisations from all over the world attend Nexus to gain insight. It is important to see how other people have overcome challenges along the way. As usual, our ARCHIBUS EMEA eco-system was well represented.

Business Value

For many in our user community the “nuts and bolts” of an ARCHIBUS implementation have been put together many times. Specifically, this is as technology has moved forward. Furthermore the challenges presented by data and business processes have been met time and time again. Therefore the focus in the majority of user presentations was the strategic value of the technology – the bigger picture. The conference sessions presentations were about business outcomes. ARCHIBUS is the enabling technology, and our Eco-system contributes to the success of an implementation at every stage.

Main Stage – Coesia

Leading the charge for EMEA on the main stage conference sessions were Coesia. This manufacturing conglomerate’s technical vision is one of Enterprise Information Modelling. Giuseppe Tacconetto, echoing ARCHIBUS CTO Steve Segarra’s quotation above*, told a story that focussed on the business value gained at each stage of the implementation. The ARCHIBUS Strategic Financial Analysis application will provide a window on their multinational asset base. It is a key part of managing the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, worldwide.

Concurrent Conference Sessions

One of the great aspects of the Nexus concurrent sessions is the variety that is found in the presentations. Practically all vertical sectors are represented. Furthermore many different approaches to the use of the technology were on show.

Instituto Superior De Engenharia Do Porto (ISEP)

The ISEP presentation concentrated on their receipt of an ARCHIBUS educational grant to further their research into water quality and municipal health using ARCHIBUS with BIM at the city of Amarante in Portugal. There will be a full post on this project in a future edition of this blog.


Massimiliano Tosi from BNL – BNP Paribas Group, outlined the people-centric approach taken to solve a very practical problem. The problem is how to carry out building inspections across a broad portfolio with minimum disruption and maximum effectiveness. The answer is a combination of mobile technology and 3D visualisation deployed in ARCHIBUS to streamline the process and offer an increase in customer satisfaction, reliability, and perceived quality.

University of Worcester

Brett Plant and Helen Hill from the University of Worcester stressed the importance of engaging their stakeholders and having a laser focus on outcomes. Rolling out ARCHIBUS on a mobile platform across several campuses has its challenges, but the resulting increase in quality and response will help the University meet its goals in meeting student recruitment and satisfaction targets. Their “silver screen” video was a favourite amongst attendees.

Sellafield Ltd

Many users like to return to Nexus to give an update on the continued success of ARCHIBUS in their organisations. David Malcolm from Sellafield Ltd first presented at Nexus in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago. He often gives a humorous, sideways look at the way ARCHIBUS has helped to solve problems in a highly challenging environment. They have quite a mature ARCHIBUS implementation at Sellafield but they are always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. Adding Building information Modelling (BIM) to the mix has enhanced their ability to manage their portfolio. Furthermore, ARCHIBUS helps to manage their unique circumstances and the contractual and partnering framework that delivers FM on their sites.

We may be biased, but to us, our EMEA representation stood out in terms of the strategic view and the implementation excellence presented. This is because we have highly creative people in our eco-system, and it was a pleasure to see the success our users have achieved.

You can be involved!

With the announcement of Nexus 2018 (see this blog for more details) there will be more opportunities for ARCHIBUS Users to tell their stories. Therefore you can raise your profile in our eco-system, and indeed the world, during our conference sessions.  Work on Nexus starts now, so if you want to take part then please contact us!

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