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Innovation - ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania

Innovation is an important feature of the activities of all members of our eco-system. This week we concentrate on two examples from part of community that has not been represented in our blog so far; the ARCHIBUS Solution Centers.

A global network of local experts

Our eco-system is unique within our industry, and benefits all members. Furthermore the members of our eco-system bring innovation to bear on both the global and local stages. As part of the wider Busines Partner network, ARCHIBUS Solution Centers are no different.

Very often these organisations bring requirements from the user community and introduce these to the development road map. This is an integral part of the communication between the software developer and the ARCHIBUS user.

In addition Business Partners can bring solutions to bear before they appear in the core ARCHIBUS development. Two ARCHIBUS Solution Centers (ASCs) have recently introduced examples of these solutions.

ARCHIBUS – NavVis Integration

The visualization of data has always been a key aspect of an ARCHIBUS solution. Graphics from Business Data, Drawings, 3D Models and GIS Maps have been present in ARCHIBUS software for many years. But, as usual, technology advances in line with our users demands. As a result many of our partners look to utilise other technologies within ARCHIBUS. The very nature of the ARCHIBUS software platform lends itself to such integrations.

The ARCHIBUS Solution Center Germany in Saarbrücken partnered with NavVis; specialists in 3d spatial mapping and visualisation. The result was the integration of NavVis technology within ARCHIBUS Web Central. This provides an impressive interface to navigate 360 degree views of spaces within buildings, complete with all the ARCHIBUS asset data.

A new Graphical Workflow Engine

In our industry the definition of best practices can be problematic. What’s more, there is such a variety of working standards, even in a single industry sector, that a solution needs to be flelxible to meet the variety of requirements. ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania has developed a new ARCHIBUS add-on, called the Graphical Workflow Engine. This piece of innovation is a software solution that sits within ARCHIBUS. It is designed to make the life of the FM manager or planner a lot easier when you need to design or implement workflows. The clever part is that is works for any ARCHIBUS application.

There are many more examples of this kind of innovation within our eco-system.

If you are interested in finding out more about our partner network and the ARCHIBUS eco-system then contact us here


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