ARCHIBUS Foundation at the EFMC Wellness Zone

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This week the ARCHIBUS Foundation features at the Wellness Zone in EFMC2018 in Sofia. We will be talking to the many delegates about our community development and our educational programs. In addition, we are concentrating on the people in our industry. The European Facilities Management Conference (EFMC) is in its twenty-sixth year. The conference brings [...]

ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA Events 2018

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Once again ARCHIBUS Nexus is nearly upon us. It is the first of several key events in the calendar for The ARCHIBUS Foundation in 2018. The annual international conference features a variety of events, keynote speakers, training sessions and workshops. Furthermore, it represents a great opportunity for members of our community to network and share [...]

Skills and Opportunities – tackling the talent gap

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ARCHIBUS Foundation to host students at Nexus 2018 The ARCHIBUS Foundation will become more active in tackling the twin topics of skills and opportunities during 2018. Both these topics represent challenges in our industry and in our community today. The Facilities Management industry is having to adapt to global and regional trends. In some regions [...]

Mine The Gap! – Strategic Financial Analysis White Paper

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The final white paper in our series covering the topic of Enterprise Information Modelling (EIM) is now published. "Mine the Gap" explores the issues concerning the creation of the bigger picture for the built environment. In addition it highlights the information failure that can lead to problems in decision making and strategy. This follows on [...]

ARCHIBUS – New Version 23.2 Released

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The latest edition of the ARCHIBUS Asset Newsletter showcases the latest version of ARCHIBUS Software; ARCHIBUS Version 23.2. In the midst of technological change this is an important period for our community, with users having a greater influence on the development road map. Extensive Release As software author, ARCHIBUS has to maintain technical compliance, whilst [...]

ARCHIBUS ranks in Verdantix Green Quadrant

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Independent Researchers and Analysts such as Verdantix play a key role in our industry. Choosing the right technology or software platform can be a minefield. There is a bewildering range of  solutions in the marketplace. Furthermore the plethora of advertising and PR within our markets tends to confuse, rather than bring clarity. Verdantix Verdantix are [...]

ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018 Speaking Opportunities

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Planning for ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018 is already in full swing. One of the features of the Nexus Conference is the opportunity for ARCHIBUS Users, Partners and those involved in Research to present their success stories. In this blog we have covered some of the presentation highlights from Nexus 2017, which involved representatives from our EMEA [...]