Enterprise Asset Management – Making the Transition

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The knowledge base and subject matter expertise regarding our industry are an essential platform for our eco-system. They play a key role in successful implementations of technology, including ARCHIBUS implementations. Also, many familiar processes that we take for granted are now being brought together under the banner of specific disciplines. For instance, Building Information Modelling [...]

University of Worcester – a story of success with ARCHIBUS

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The Users in our Eco-system are renowned for rising to the business challenges presented in Real Estate and FM. Our colleagues at University of Worcester in the United Kingdom implemented ARCHIBUS to improve customer service and business processes. They also engaged all stakeholders to become custodians of their built environment. The team increased customer satisfaction, [...]

ISEP – Addressing Public Health Issues with ARCHIBUS

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The ARCHIBUS Educational Grant is traditionally aimed at enriching the academic experience of both teachers and students. Our objective in the ARCHIBUS Foundation is to broaden the scope of this educational remit. Due to this strategy, applications of the grant are both innovative and highly effective. The grant to ISEP is an example of this. [...]

ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 Conference Sessions – Seeing the Big Picture

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“What we do with the technology is more important than the technology itself”* ARCHIBUS Nexus conference sessions give users the opportunity to showcase their successes and challenges alike. Organisations from all over the world attend Nexus to gain insight. It is important to see how other people have overcome challenges along the way. As usual, [...]

ARCHIBUS Nexus Keynote Sessions – People, Technology and Intelligence

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Kristin Kurland (second left) with other Nexus delegates “People are the driving force of our community” ARCHIBUS CEO Wise Cho opened the ARCHIBUS Nexus Conference Keynote Sessions with a call to action. He appealed to all of our Ecosystem to move from operations to strategy by affecting their capital asset base. Our buildings, [...]

ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 is underway with ARCHIBUS Connect

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Our international event for Business Partners, ARCHIBUS Connect, opened our Nexus conference this weekend. ARCHIBUS Connect - A Global Event Connect offers our partners and opportunity to network with their peers and colleagues. The shared experience is a key factor in developing methods of working together. Real Estate and Facilities Management are global disciplines. Connect [...]

Guide to simplify your Strategic Space Planning

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Strategic Space Planning guide and more Strategic Space Planning is a key discipline for an organisation. The "ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning Simplified guide" is the first in a series of resources that will appear on this site. Our industry moves very quickly as the technology that supports it. We will be making materials available to [...]

Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? – Find Out More

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Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? - Well there are many reasons why real estate, infrastructure and facilities managers attend ARCHIBUS Nexus year after year. Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? - World Class Speakers As usual Nexus will offer a series of sessions featuring world class speakers. These expert will look to share their experiences in innovation with our ARCHIBUS community. [...]