One of the primary goals of our Foundation is to promote a sustainable built environment for people now, and in the future. Key players in making this a reality are the budding professionals and students who will progress to work in our industry. We believe that access to technology such as ARCHIBUS should be a prime component of their learning. ARCHIBUS has created a program to make this a reality.

The ARCHIBUS Education Grants Program has been accessed by Universities and Colleges all over the world.

The Program provides ARCHIBUS software to educational institutions (universities, colleges, high schools, etc.) for use in their own academic programs.
The goals of the Grants Program are to:
• Support real estate, infrastructure & facility management training in educational institutions
• Encourage the development of applications, training, curriculum, and research using ARCHIBUS software.
Since its inception, the ARCHIBUS program has awarded dozens of grants to qualifying organizations around the world.

Contact us for more details on how you can participate.