Enterprise Asset Management – Making the Transition

The knowledge base and subject matter expertise regarding our industry are an essential platform for our eco-system. They play a key role in successful implementations of technology, including ARCHIBUS implementations. Also, many familiar processes that we take for granted are now being brought together under the banner of specific disciplines.

For instance, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not just a technology but a range of management practices that can create a sustainable building life cycle. Strategic Financial Analysis (SFA) as a discipline plugs our day-to-day operations into a unified view of our assets, and their value.

Our technology needs to offer tools to support those disciplines, but we also need to demonstrate our understanding of the management environment. As a result ARCHIBUS is producing a series of white papers to cover the application of technology to important areas within our industry.

White Papers

First of all, we introduced our Strategic Space Planning white paper in an earlier blog post. Papers on Building Information Modelling and Strategic Financial Analysis will follow, but our focus now is on the release of our white paper on Enterprise Asset Management.

Enterprise Asset Management White Paper

This white paper is a Guide to Develop Strategic Asset Management Plans and Maximize the Lifetime Value of Physical Assets.  As a result, it is designed to help you:

  • Recognize Your Organization’s Need for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Develop an Effective EAM Processes:
  • Establish and Reach Essential Milestones
  • Improve Productivity Beginning With Asset Acquisition
  • Utilize O&M Automation to Maximize Asset Utilization
  • Extend the Value of ERP Data Using Your EAM System
  • Raise Organizational Performance Using EAM Metrics
  • Evolve Operational Processes to Raise Asset Performance Levels.
  • Evaluate The Success of Your Enterprise Asset Management System

…and most important of all:

  • Get Started! – many roles in our eco-system including senior leaders, asset managers, IT managers, facilities managers, department managers, and project managers will benefit from the key steps to success highlighted for each group. Furthermore, by making these steps to success a foundation for adoption of EAM, our whole eco-system will be well positioned to benefit from the implementation of Enterprise Asset Management.

To receive the Enterprise Asset Management guide click here

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