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white paper - mine the gap

The final white paper in our series covering the topic of Enterprise Information Modelling (EIM) is now published. “Mine the Gap” explores the issues concerning the creation of the bigger picture for the built environment. In addition it highlights the information failure that can lead to problems in decision making and strategy.

This follows on from our previous papers on Strategic Space Planning and Enterprise Asset Management. What’s more this paper refers to Strategic Financial Analysis as the third pillar of EIM.

In this white paper, we explore the changing environment for real estate decision-making. We consider the causes of information failure and evolution of solutions to this problem. As a result we also consider the hallmarks of organizations that are leaders in “mining the gap.”

Furthermore we cover:

  • How value creation has become a driving focus for chief financial officers. How this requires an understanding of both strategic and operational performance.
  • Also, how information failure is a vulnerability of traditional approaches to real estate assets. Financial managers are handicapped by ledger-driven systems that provide information on real estate costs. These are without a complete context of operational or strategic information.
  • Finally, how overcoming information failure requires flexible technology capable of:
    1. aggregating diverse information including operational data and data derived from plans, maps, drawings, spatial and geographic sources,
    2. placing them within the context of related disciplines such as asset life cycle,lease management and compliance and
    3. extracting insights in a form and language familiar to stakeholders in different disciplines within an organization.

Real Estate seems more vulnerable to information failure, than most any other domains of business activity. Furthermore we know that inaccurate, incomplete, uncertain or misunderstood data can lead to poor decisions and incorrect assessment of risk.

This concept is the key issue that we look to resolve through EIM.

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