Skills and Opportunities – tackling the talent gap

ARCHIBUS Foundation to host students at Nexus 2018

The ARCHIBUS Foundation will become more active in tackling the twin topics of skills and opportunities during 2018. Both these topics represent challenges in our industry and in our community today.

The Facilities Management industry is having to adapt to global and regional trends. In some regions such as the Americas and Asia Pacific, Integrated FM is growing. In others such as EMEA outsourcing is well established but the demands on the integrated approach are many and varied. Furthermore the demand for future leaders in our industry has become more pressing than ever.

As the FM sector become more sophisticated more organisations look to use technology to manage their assets and their buildings. They recognise that the growth in the FM industry and the sheer pace of technological change is not being matched by a growing workforce. What’s more, this workforce needs the appropriate education and skill levels to address the problems and opportunities that are present.

University of Worcester - St Johns Campus

Attracting talent

The first step has to be to attract talent. Many Universities and Colleges around the globe offer degree level qualifications in many aspects of our industry. But in our view this is only the start. Young people need to be made aware of the opportunities open to them in our industry.

The ARCHIBUS Foundation is therefore meeting this challenge by hosting FM students at  ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018. We see this as part of the Foundation’s broader mission to develop this next generation of skilled FM talent.

Gaining Insight

Students will be able to gain insight from leaders of many institutions including MIT and The Boston Consulting Group. The Nexus Conference will focus on technological advancements, and the innovative ways practitioners are using them. Students will gain insight into how this makes a huge difference throughout the public and private sectors.

Nexus has set a standard by convening developers and users to push the limits of what technology can achieve.  Now the presence of the ARCHIBUS Foundation’s student initiative will add to this. For the first time the conference will also take on a formative role regarding future FM stakeholders.

In essence, the initiative is designed to breathe new life into the industry, expose students to an innovative global network, and enhance the value of FM in higher education.

This is the first of several initiatives that we will introduce to deal with a three way issue in our industry. We need to help organisations identify the right skills, the right people and have them in the right place! Watch this space for further announcements, or visit us at our booth at the EXPO at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018.

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