Guide to simplify your Strategic Space Planning

Strategic Space Planning guide and more

Strategic Space Planning is a key discipline for an organisation. The “ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning Simplified guide” is the first in a series of resources that will appear on this site.

Our industry moves very quickly as the technology that supports it. We will be making materials available to support partners and users alike. These resources will be across a range of disciplines associated with Real Estate and Facilities Management.

Planning for space moves and expansion

In every organization, planning for space moves and expansion is a normal process. In practice, the drive to plan efficiently and effectively often runs into practical difficulties.

This whitepaper considers the definition of best practices, lessons learned, processes and users involved. The technology that could be utilised in the discipline is also considered in this document.

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Strategic Space Planning

This guide will help you to

  • Make informed space acquisition, disposal, retention and allocation decisions in minutes.
  • Rapidly translate strategic space needs into facility inventory and occupancy plans.
  • Make the best purchase or lease decisions by using techniques in the guide
  • Identify shortfalls in space inventory early in the planning process.
  • Avoid the costly purchase or lease of redundant space by using techniques in the guide
  • Identify excesses in space inventory early in the planning process.
  • Master the creation of optimized space plans using modern space scenario development methods.
  • Validate proposed space plans with project stakeholders by using key space and occupancy metrics and gap analyses techniques.
  • Keep complex supply side inventory data and demand-side requirements data at your fingertips by utilizing the powerful data collation capabilities of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS).
  • Learn how to communicate space plans, scenarios and reports to project stakeholders in seconds.
  • Effectively evaluate IWMS vendor solutions for their ability to deliver the described benefits to your strategic space planning projects.

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