Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? – Find Out More

Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? – Well there are many reasons why real estate, infrastructure and facilities managers attend ARCHIBUS Nexus year after year.

Why ARCHIBUS Nexus? – World Class Speakers

As usual Nexus will offer a series of sessions featuring world class speakers. These expert will look to share their experiences in innovation with our ARCHIBUS community.

Here are two featured examples.

Why ARCHIBUS Nexus Kristin Kurland

Kristin Kurland

Kristin Kurland is Teaching Professor of Architecture, Information Systems, and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. In her Monday Keynote on Smart Cities and Campus Innovation Kristin will discuss the impact of enterprise data analytics and big data. She will explain how these drive multi-disciplinary collaborations between architects, engineers, computer scientists, gaming experts, and city officials. She will demonstrate how spatial technologies are used to improve the physical and economic health of a post-industrial city.

Why ARCHIBUS Nexus John McGee

John McGee

John McGee is an IFMA Fellow and former IFMA Chairman of the Board. In his Tuesday Keynote John will address the Future Generation Workforce and Organization Trends in RE/FM. How will people leverage the information captured in the ARCHIBUS platform to achieve strategic objectives of their organization? What are the Key Trends for 2017 in real estate, energy and facilities information management?

Kai Wei is General Manager at China World Property & Hotel Management Co. Ltd. His presentation Realizing a Smarter China World describes how they have managed the tallest building in Beijing since 1985. Facing intensive market competition, China World decided to adopt the latest intelligent building technology using ARCHIBUS as the EIM (Enterprise Information Modeling) framework to achieve their goal as “Intelligent China World.” By using ARCHIBUS , China World has streamlined management processes, reduced operational costs, and enhanced efficiency.

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Nexus offers three distinct events within one conference: ARCHIBUS Connect, ARCHIBUS Conference, and ARCHIBUS University. Follow this link to find out more about Nexus and to register and take part!

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